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    Access to credit and international trade pillars of the development in the World

    Free trade and access to credit should be a priority in the development agenda. This research shows the existence of a positive empirical relationship between trade and finance, as well as the two factors with the development. A higher stage of development is associated with greater appeal to commercial banks, reduced reliance on domestic [...]

    Entrepreneurship and economic development. Successes and failures of the markets and governments

    The barriers to entrepreneurship in the world are still relevant. This research examines the role of business creation for economic development through the study of existing regulations and red tape in 135 countries. We identify the obstacles that have experienced different evolutionary behavior in countries that have shown a greater economic dynamism in order [...]

    An institutional approach to the prosperity of the nations

    This research summarizes the economic behavior of 134 nations of the world between 1996 and 2006. The cluster analisys showed three levels of development: underdeveloped stage, intermediate stage and advance stage. Some backward economies moved to the intermediate level of development during the period considered by means of a greater economic freedom (especially, trade [...]

    A commitment to the freedom and the development of Sub-Saharan Africa

    This essay focuses on the institutional perspective of development and the importance of institutions and economic and political organization in the development of sub-Saharan African countries. From a wide range of development indicators, freedom, governance and entrepreneurial environment, the essay identifies the differences between the most backward countries and the most advanced in the [...]